Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time Of Day

So, I need to work out what time of the day suits me best to run. Have always gone in the evenings up to now but, am finding that by the evening it's more of an effort to remove my bottom from the sofa, get changed and go out. Yesterday and today I have spent all day thinking about my next run but my enthusiasm is so much lower by the evening, I haven't gone. Got a run planned for tomorrow evening which has become my usual route back from the kids martial arts class. Next is tues morning and I'm going with a friend. Really looking forward to that as we'll get to chat too and push each other when we need to. Hopefully this will be a regular thing.
I'm wondering if I should join a club. I've never fancied it as I would probably be the biggest/slowest/newest but now think it might be the ideal way.
I'll go and look into it...

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