Thursday, 13 September 2012

No Diet

Decided that I really can't be bothered working out what diet to follow, learning a whole new set of rules again etc. Just need to be sensible about it. Going to get some dark chocolate for when I what my sweet fix each day. I can eat a little of that without craving more, unlike milk chocolate. Other than that, treats will be reserved for one day a week. Probably saturdays when I need to be more flexible. Not going to worry too much about what I eat every day although I have noticed that some carbs make me bloated. Will experiment with them so I know which are ok and which to limit.

Having second thoughts about the running group now. Not sure if it's nerves or that I would rather have tonight's training as 'me' time. I might go out on my own as normal tonight. Want to see how much I've improved in the last week without any distractions. I'm hoping that, after tuesday's massive workout marathon and then a full days rest yesterday, I'll be nice and fresh and able to push myself tonight.

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