Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rested and back again...

Today I did my first run for just over 3 weeks. Still had a few twinges around my hip but not so painful I had to stop. It was aching towards the end so a lot more stretching needed I think. I struggled a little at first but by the end I was enjoying it so much that I was disappointed when my phone said 'cool down'.
I hope my hip issue is just down to poor alignment and streching will sort it out. Also, will be investing in a new pair of trainers. Mine have served me well but getting a little old and tired (how I feel too!)
No idea how far or  fast today was. Just glad I'm back out again.

Monday, 22 October 2012

First bad run

Went out last night very optimistic about upping my run time from 5 to 8 min intervals. Started ok but got a pain in my side a few minutes into the first run. I cut it short by a couple of minutes but even after walking for a while, it still hurt too much to run again.
This has been building up slowly from when I started. Unfortunately it feels very much like the hernia I had before but in a different place. Think a trip to the doctor is in order. Not going to do my training any favours.
Feel quite down about it because I've been doing so well up until now. Trying to stay positive and hope it's just a pulled muscle or something.

Update 23/10/12
Ok, been googling running injuries and this seems quite common. Going to rest for a few days, exercise my lower back and maybe get some new trainers. Hopefully this will all help.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Moving fast but running slow...

Two runs in the last two days. Yesterday was the last of week 4. It was ok but a bit slower than the last two. I was a bit disappointed at first but then I reminded myself I'm still new and it's all about just getting out there. My times are an overall sign of my improvement, not something that I have to beat each time.
There's a real difference this week in how dark my evening runs are which I'm a little nervous about. Will be doing my best to get out earlier or stick to the well lit main roads. Also a great reason to start taking the dogs out with me!

Distance 3.27 km
Speed 6.22 km/h

Today's run was around the lake at Stover again and it was just as beautiful as last week. I may be a trail runner at heart...

Week 5
Walk 5min
Run 5min
Walk 3min
Run 5min
Walk 3 min
Run 5min
Walk 5min

Distance 3.49 km
Speed 6.75 km/h

This week of the plan is a bit different. Until now, each week has been 3 sessions of the same intervals. This week there are three different sessions. They are going to be tough! Can't wait though. Getting so excited about how fast I'm improving. A few weeks ago I struggled to keep going for 90sec and today I did three 5min intervals! While I'm running it's hard and I'm longing to hear the voice in my ear say "walk" but as soon as it's over I'm eager to go again. I always feel so slow though. I know it's early days. I'm learning to increase my distance and improve my stamina. Speed will come later. Just so impatient though!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Feels tough

Felt that tonights run was much harder than a couple of days ago. I struggled a little to keep myself going.
It was my regular sunday route though, home from the children's martial arts class, and it became clear halfway that my distance was a big improvement on last time I ran it as I took the slightly longer route and still had to go round the block at the end.
I guess I was pushing myself a bit harder without even realising it!
Was expecting a disappointing result so very very happy.

Distance 3.41 km
Speed 6.49 km/h

Friday, 12 October 2012

Thankyou strangers

After a miserably dark and wet morning, I was driving home from shopping when the sun suddenly came out. Everything looked so pretty and sparkly with the raindrops in the sun and I got an overwhelming urge to go running somewhere beautiful. Half an hour later(ish!) I was in my running gear at Stover Country Park. I only completed week three last night so wasn't sure how my legs would cope with pushing it up a gear so soon after. Decided to go for it anyway. So glad I did!
I started at a slower pace to allow for running longer intervals. The view as I was running around the lake was all the distraction and motivation I needed. I ran with squirrels alongside me, birds flying overhead, ducks waddling in and out the water and, most helpful of all, some very encouraging people.
I did three laps and, as I passed people who'd already seen me go round, I got some lovely smiles and "You're doing really well" comments. Right at the end I passed a lady and her dog for the fourth time (I think) and took my earphones out to say hello. She looked so impressed with my efforts that it lifted me even more than the run itself had. I will remember from now on, when I see someone running or cycling etc that just a friendly smile could be all they need to spur them on a little bit more.
Thank you strangers.

Oh, and my GPS seems to have worked properly today too!

5min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run 2 1/2min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run
5min walk

Distance 3.34km
Speed 6.37km/h

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Annoying GPS

Week three of the plan done!
Looking forward to pushing myself a little harder (again!) on the next run.
Having problems with the GPS tracker on my phone though. I know that the run is feeling better each time, which I guess is the most important thing, but it would be good to keep track of my distance, speed etc. I've been running the same route for awhile now so it may be time for a change. Now I'm brave enough to be seen by the public I could stick with the main road where my GPS should be ok.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Good to be back!

Due to some horrible, lingering virus thing I haven't run for 2 1/2  weeks and have really missed it!
I'm still not 100% but I needed to get back out today. Wasn't sure whether, after such a long break, I should drop back a week in my training plan. I decided not to and if it was too tough I'd just ease off a bit. It was actually a lot easier than I imagined! I noticed a slight drop in my performance but, given that I still feel pretty ill and having a long break, I'm really happy with my run.
Unfortunately the satellite on my phone played up so not sure exactly of distance and speed this time. Also realised that the last run wasn't tracked properly either! Might need to get myself a better app...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Unwanted Week Off

It's been six days since I've run and I don't like it!
Sore throat has eased now and I have my voice back, but it's morphed into a very snotty nose instead. Hope that won't slow me down too much though.
Want to get out tonight after Mr Biscuits gets home but that depends on what time it is. Don't really want to go once it's dark, not on my own.
Fingers crossed...

Monday, 24 September 2012

5k Race

Still feeling frustrated at being too ill to run. Have alleviated my boredom by searching for a 5k race to enter. It gives me a short term goal and some race experience.
Found two possibles. One is in 6 weeks and the other in 8. Although I'd rather go for the one furthest away, the earlier one us more likely. Mr Biscuuts and I could gave a night away too which makes it doubly worthwhile!!
Better get over this stinking sore throat and crack on with training if I have less than six weeks.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


After the success of my last run, I've not managed to get out again thanks to a very painful throat and start of a cold.
Really frustrating!
I know there's no point going when I feel like this  but I feel desperate to keep improving. Resting a lot so hopefully will be able to get out tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Am so pleased and proud of myself tonight.
Moved on to week three of the training plan. I got to this level a few months ago but I found it incredibly difficult and dropped back a week.
Maybe because I was prepared for a tough run I prepared myself. Or maybe it's just a sign of an improvement in my fitness. It went really well!
Last time, moving up to this level made me a lot slower. This time though, did my best yet.
I made an effort to concentrate on my breathing from the beginning and not just from when I got tired. I also noticed much more of a natural rhythmn in my arms. Almost like a cycling motion. Don't know if that's normal but it worked so I went with it.

Week 3
5 min walk warm up
90 sec run
90 sec walk
3 min run
3 min walk
Repeat both
5 min walk cool down

Total distance
3.86 km
8.27 km/h

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Not Enough Time

My last run was Sunday (it's now Wednesday) and it wasn't the most successful (moaning child!). Since then, Mr Biscuits has been working on a huge order, leaving me no time to run. I missed both my zumba classes yesterday too and feeling very fed up. I'm so keen to get back out and try and push myself to the next level in the training plan. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
All this lack of exercise is leaving me very grumpy! Guess that's a good sign though.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

First Bad Run

I had a couple of days rest before going out again tonight. It's Sunday, it's running with my son day! Not so great this time. I kept it more simple for him this week as he struggled last time. His stitch started with the first run and it was down hill from there really. He moaned, complained, was slow, asked endless irrelevant questions and the whole thing left me in a really bad mood! I told him that I love how he wants to run with me but only if he enjoys doing it. Will have to wait and see what happens next week.
On the bright side, I lost 4lb this week, pretty much just through exercise.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

No Group Yet

Decided not to go with the running group and just concentrate on my training plan and tracking my improvement.
At the start of the run it felt a lot stronger, quicker and easier. About half way through though I found it a little tough. Picked up again during the second half. Really pleased with how it's going and surprised still at how much I'm enjoying it.

Distance 3.16km
Speed 6.55km/h

No Diet

Decided that I really can't be bothered working out what diet to follow, learning a whole new set of rules again etc. Just need to be sensible about it. Going to get some dark chocolate for when I what my sweet fix each day. I can eat a little of that without craving more, unlike milk chocolate. Other than that, treats will be reserved for one day a week. Probably saturdays when I need to be more flexible. Not going to worry too much about what I eat every day although I have noticed that some carbs make me bloated. Will experiment with them so I know which are ok and which to limit.

Having second thoughts about the running group now. Not sure if it's nerves or that I would rather have tonight's training as 'me' time. I might go out on my own as normal tonight. Want to see how much I've improved in the last week without any distractions. I'm hoping that, after tuesday's massive workout marathon and then a full days rest yesterday, I'll be nice and fresh and able to push myself tonight.

Resisted One Urge

Well I resisted the urge to go running last night which is a good thing as my legs started to really ache. The price I paid for it? Stuffed myself on cookies. Major downside to being married to Mr Biscuits! Don't feel great for it this morning either. Got back into smaller jeans yesterday and today they are too tight again!
Need to get my diet sorted. Nothing too restrictive so that I've got enough energy for all the running, Zumba etc. Nothing too complicated so it can easily fit into the busy days and nothing too expensive! I guess snack less, exercise more is the best and easiest method.
Got a massage booked today which should help with the aching from Zumba Tone the other night and be lovely and relaxing too. Then off to meet Fit2Run ladies tonight. Still quite nervous about the whole running group thing but I'm going to try it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rest Days

After yesterdays training I am impatient to get back out and see what I can do. Holding myself back though. It's 4pm and I'm already in my pyjamas so that I don't go running tonight. Who ever would have thought I'd be forcing myself NOT to exercise!!
Last night I went to my first Zumba Toning class and then straight on to the usual Zumba so my body is feeling a little bit punished today. I feel so good though. 2 1/2 hours of working out yesterday. more than 2000 calories burnt and god knows how much sweat. Yuk.
Obsessed? Certainly heading in that direction...
Meeting the running group tomorrow night. Feeling quite nervous about it, going on my own. I know it will be fine. If it's not for me then I just don't go back. Or I might love it!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Run Together

Went out with a friend this morning. First time she's run in a long time. I thought I was holding off a little so it wasn't too hard and she kept up all the way. Turns out it was my best run to date and I must have pushed her pretty hard!! Good for her to know she can do it and good for me to know I've got more to give.

Distance 3.14km
Speed 6.49km/h

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Going Well

Something funny happened on this evenings run. I felt like a runner! Not the fat woman panting and sweating her way down the road. I stood tall, paced myself, kept breathing and it felt good. Didn't even get that '10min hell' at the beginning.
Leo came with me again tonight. It was a bit tougher than last week and he struggled a little so, from now on, sunday night will have to be a slow, easy run. Want him to enjoy it.

Distance 2.89km
Speed 5.98km/h

Contact Made

So, I looked up local running groups and two came up. One seems quite serious (i.e. too scary!) and their beginner group runs on a monday. Monday night is Zumba night, can't give that up! The second group seems very friendly and got back to me really quickly. They meet on Tuesday and Thursday just round the back of my house! Tuesday though is also Zumba night... Am now waiting to hear back if just going to one a week, not both, is ok.
Not concentrating too hard on training for the half-marathon yet. Focusing on getting to 5k first.
Next run is tonight and can't wait!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time Of Day

So, I need to work out what time of the day suits me best to run. Have always gone in the evenings up to now but, am finding that by the evening it's more of an effort to remove my bottom from the sofa, get changed and go out. Yesterday and today I have spent all day thinking about my next run but my enthusiasm is so much lower by the evening, I haven't gone. Got a run planned for tomorrow evening which has become my usual route back from the kids martial arts class. Next is tues morning and I'm going with a friend. Really looking forward to that as we'll get to chat too and push each other when we need to. Hopefully this will be a regular thing.
I'm wondering if I should join a club. I've never fancied it as I would probably be the biggest/slowest/newest but now think it might be the ideal way.
I'll go and look into it...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting Into This Now

Can't believe how excited I am about the nine months that are ahead of me. I know it's really early days still but I feel great after last nights run and want to get out again. Spent last night looking up tips and advice on running your first half-marathon. Think I need to find a 5k in a few months time. Start with a smaller goal and build from there. I'm picturing custom made running kit sponsored by Mr Biscuits and a therunningbiscuit logo on it too...!
I NEVER thought I would want to run or enjoy it. Cross country was my most hated P.E. sport at school.
I certainly don't look like a runner.
This challenge is about so much more than running. Yes it's about losing weight and toning up. Hopefully I'll have a generally more athletic look and feel. More importantly though, it's about believing I can do anything I set my mind to. Why shouldn't I be a runner? Because I don't look like one and I was rubbish at it as a child? Realising now that through your life you become capable of new and different things.
So, this is as much a mental journey now as a physical one. Body AND mind will be stronger and better for it.
The other massive change I want to make in my life is my work. The exercise is giving me the boost I need to believe more in my creative side again. I have plans for children's books. I also want to train in some kind of children's fitness/dance but I need to be fit and healthy first

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Good beginnings

Sunday night went so well that I jumped to week two of the training plan tonight. The first 8-10 minutes were tough (as usual) but from there in it was really good. Came home feeling I'd achieved something. Best run to date!
Can't wait to get out again...
Week 2
5min walk
Run 1.30
Walk 2
Walk 5min
Total 29min

Distance 3.00km
Speed 6.20km/h

Monday, 3 September 2012

Did something silly!

Yesterday I did something silly.
I signed up for the Torbay Half Marathon.
I am an absolute beginner at running and now I have 9 months to learn to run 13.1 miles!!
I've dabbled with running on and off for the last few months but not got serious...until now. First training session was last night and I took my 7yr old son with me. We both loved it so hopefully he'll be a regular companion on sunday nights.
It felt really good and I'm a lot more optimistic this morning because of it.
This week my training schedule is
5min walk
run 60sec
walk 90sec (x8)
5min walk
Total 30min

Distance 2.83km
speed 5.66km/h

Can't wait for the next session now. So much better with a goal to work towards