Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rest Days

After yesterdays training I am impatient to get back out and see what I can do. Holding myself back though. It's 4pm and I'm already in my pyjamas so that I don't go running tonight. Who ever would have thought I'd be forcing myself NOT to exercise!!
Last night I went to my first Zumba Toning class and then straight on to the usual Zumba so my body is feeling a little bit punished today. I feel so good though. 2 1/2 hours of working out yesterday. more than 2000 calories burnt and god knows how much sweat. Yuk.
Obsessed? Certainly heading in that direction...
Meeting the running group tomorrow night. Feeling quite nervous about it, going on my own. I know it will be fine. If it's not for me then I just don't go back. Or I might love it!

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