Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rested and back again...

Today I did my first run for just over 3 weeks. Still had a few twinges around my hip but not so painful I had to stop. It was aching towards the end so a lot more stretching needed I think. I struggled a little at first but by the end I was enjoying it so much that I was disappointed when my phone said 'cool down'.
I hope my hip issue is just down to poor alignment and streching will sort it out. Also, will be investing in a new pair of trainers. Mine have served me well but getting a little old and tired (how I feel too!)
No idea how far or  fast today was. Just glad I'm back out again.

Monday, 22 October 2012

First bad run

Went out last night very optimistic about upping my run time from 5 to 8 min intervals. Started ok but got a pain in my side a few minutes into the first run. I cut it short by a couple of minutes but even after walking for a while, it still hurt too much to run again.
This has been building up slowly from when I started. Unfortunately it feels very much like the hernia I had before but in a different place. Think a trip to the doctor is in order. Not going to do my training any favours.
Feel quite down about it because I've been doing so well up until now. Trying to stay positive and hope it's just a pulled muscle or something.

Update 23/10/12
Ok, been googling running injuries and this seems quite common. Going to rest for a few days, exercise my lower back and maybe get some new trainers. Hopefully this will all help.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Moving fast but running slow...

Two runs in the last two days. Yesterday was the last of week 4. It was ok but a bit slower than the last two. I was a bit disappointed at first but then I reminded myself I'm still new and it's all about just getting out there. My times are an overall sign of my improvement, not something that I have to beat each time.
There's a real difference this week in how dark my evening runs are which I'm a little nervous about. Will be doing my best to get out earlier or stick to the well lit main roads. Also a great reason to start taking the dogs out with me!

Distance 3.27 km
Speed 6.22 km/h

Today's run was around the lake at Stover again and it was just as beautiful as last week. I may be a trail runner at heart...

Week 5
Walk 5min
Run 5min
Walk 3min
Run 5min
Walk 3 min
Run 5min
Walk 5min

Distance 3.49 km
Speed 6.75 km/h

This week of the plan is a bit different. Until now, each week has been 3 sessions of the same intervals. This week there are three different sessions. They are going to be tough! Can't wait though. Getting so excited about how fast I'm improving. A few weeks ago I struggled to keep going for 90sec and today I did three 5min intervals! While I'm running it's hard and I'm longing to hear the voice in my ear say "walk" but as soon as it's over I'm eager to go again. I always feel so slow though. I know it's early days. I'm learning to increase my distance and improve my stamina. Speed will come later. Just so impatient though!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Feels tough

Felt that tonights run was much harder than a couple of days ago. I struggled a little to keep myself going.
It was my regular sunday route though, home from the children's martial arts class, and it became clear halfway that my distance was a big improvement on last time I ran it as I took the slightly longer route and still had to go round the block at the end.
I guess I was pushing myself a bit harder without even realising it!
Was expecting a disappointing result so very very happy.

Distance 3.41 km
Speed 6.49 km/h

Friday, 12 October 2012

Thankyou strangers

After a miserably dark and wet morning, I was driving home from shopping when the sun suddenly came out. Everything looked so pretty and sparkly with the raindrops in the sun and I got an overwhelming urge to go running somewhere beautiful. Half an hour later(ish!) I was in my running gear at Stover Country Park. I only completed week three last night so wasn't sure how my legs would cope with pushing it up a gear so soon after. Decided to go for it anyway. So glad I did!
I started at a slower pace to allow for running longer intervals. The view as I was running around the lake was all the distraction and motivation I needed. I ran with squirrels alongside me, birds flying overhead, ducks waddling in and out the water and, most helpful of all, some very encouraging people.
I did three laps and, as I passed people who'd already seen me go round, I got some lovely smiles and "You're doing really well" comments. Right at the end I passed a lady and her dog for the fourth time (I think) and took my earphones out to say hello. She looked so impressed with my efforts that it lifted me even more than the run itself had. I will remember from now on, when I see someone running or cycling etc that just a friendly smile could be all they need to spur them on a little bit more.
Thank you strangers.

Oh, and my GPS seems to have worked properly today too!

5min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run 2 1/2min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run
5min walk

Distance 3.34km
Speed 6.37km/h

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Annoying GPS

Week three of the plan done!
Looking forward to pushing myself a little harder (again!) on the next run.
Having problems with the GPS tracker on my phone though. I know that the run is feeling better each time, which I guess is the most important thing, but it would be good to keep track of my distance, speed etc. I've been running the same route for awhile now so it may be time for a change. Now I'm brave enough to be seen by the public I could stick with the main road where my GPS should be ok.