Monday, 3 September 2012

Did something silly!

Yesterday I did something silly.
I signed up for the Torbay Half Marathon.
I am an absolute beginner at running and now I have 9 months to learn to run 13.1 miles!!
I've dabbled with running on and off for the last few months but not got serious...until now. First training session was last night and I took my 7yr old son with me. We both loved it so hopefully he'll be a regular companion on sunday nights.
It felt really good and I'm a lot more optimistic this morning because of it.
This week my training schedule is
5min walk
run 60sec
walk 90sec (x8)
5min walk
Total 30min

Distance 2.83km
speed 5.66km/h

Can't wait for the next session now. So much better with a goal to work towards

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