Thursday, 13 September 2012

Resisted One Urge

Well I resisted the urge to go running last night which is a good thing as my legs started to really ache. The price I paid for it? Stuffed myself on cookies. Major downside to being married to Mr Biscuits! Don't feel great for it this morning either. Got back into smaller jeans yesterday and today they are too tight again!
Need to get my diet sorted. Nothing too restrictive so that I've got enough energy for all the running, Zumba etc. Nothing too complicated so it can easily fit into the busy days and nothing too expensive! I guess snack less, exercise more is the best and easiest method.
Got a massage booked today which should help with the aching from Zumba Tone the other night and be lovely and relaxing too. Then off to meet Fit2Run ladies tonight. Still quite nervous about the whole running group thing but I'm going to try it.

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