Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rested and back again...

Today I did my first run for just over 3 weeks. Still had a few twinges around my hip but not so painful I had to stop. It was aching towards the end so a lot more stretching needed I think. I struggled a little at first but by the end I was enjoying it so much that I was disappointed when my phone said 'cool down'.
I hope my hip issue is just down to poor alignment and streching will sort it out. Also, will be investing in a new pair of trainers. Mine have served me well but getting a little old and tired (how I feel too!)
No idea how far or  fast today was. Just glad I'm back out again.


  1. Well done for getting back out there. Good idea to get new trainers, and don't worry how fast or how far at this point, just getting back into it is the important thing. In fact I even ran the other day without my beloved Garmin, as my pledge to "Naked November" (http://www.thenakedrunners.com/blog/2012/10/31/naked-november-campaign.html), pledging to leave the gadgets at home and run just for the love of it and listening to our bodies :-)Good luck with the comeback.

    1. Thank you. Can't believe how much I've missed it the last few weeks!