Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting Into This Now

Can't believe how excited I am about the nine months that are ahead of me. I know it's really early days still but I feel great after last nights run and want to get out again. Spent last night looking up tips and advice on running your first half-marathon. Think I need to find a 5k in a few months time. Start with a smaller goal and build from there. I'm picturing custom made running kit sponsored by Mr Biscuits and a therunningbiscuit logo on it too...!
I NEVER thought I would want to run or enjoy it. Cross country was my most hated P.E. sport at school.
I certainly don't look like a runner.
This challenge is about so much more than running. Yes it's about losing weight and toning up. Hopefully I'll have a generally more athletic look and feel. More importantly though, it's about believing I can do anything I set my mind to. Why shouldn't I be a runner? Because I don't look like one and I was rubbish at it as a child? Realising now that through your life you become capable of new and different things.
So, this is as much a mental journey now as a physical one. Body AND mind will be stronger and better for it.
The other massive change I want to make in my life is my work. The exercise is giving me the boost I need to believe more in my creative side again. I have plans for children's books. I also want to train in some kind of children's fitness/dance but I need to be fit and healthy first

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