Friday, 12 October 2012

Thankyou strangers

After a miserably dark and wet morning, I was driving home from shopping when the sun suddenly came out. Everything looked so pretty and sparkly with the raindrops in the sun and I got an overwhelming urge to go running somewhere beautiful. Half an hour later(ish!) I was in my running gear at Stover Country Park. I only completed week three last night so wasn't sure how my legs would cope with pushing it up a gear so soon after. Decided to go for it anyway. So glad I did!
I started at a slower pace to allow for running longer intervals. The view as I was running around the lake was all the distraction and motivation I needed. I ran with squirrels alongside me, birds flying overhead, ducks waddling in and out the water and, most helpful of all, some very encouraging people.
I did three laps and, as I passed people who'd already seen me go round, I got some lovely smiles and "You're doing really well" comments. Right at the end I passed a lady and her dog for the fourth time (I think) and took my earphones out to say hello. She looked so impressed with my efforts that it lifted me even more than the run itself had. I will remember from now on, when I see someone running or cycling etc that just a friendly smile could be all they need to spur them on a little bit more.
Thank you strangers.

Oh, and my GPS seems to have worked properly today too!

5min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run 2 1/2min walk
3min run 90sec walk
5min run
5min walk

Distance 3.34km
Speed 6.37km/h

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